sensual summer: the magic touch

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fabfourportrait2000For Christmas circa 2000 Ken took this black and white family photo. We like edgy-budget-artsy. Some people appreciated the art. Everyone on our mailing list knew with certainty: this family feels good about skin. Lots of skin. That may be why we didn’t hear back from some of them!

today: touch. what do you love to feel?

Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.” ~ Margaret Atwood (emphasis mine)

Skin. This interesting organ, the largest of the human body, amazes me. Sweat glands, blood vessels, and nerves. Do you realize that physically speaking you walk around with your own embarrassment of riches? Millions of nerves constantly relay sensations that help you navigate through the world.

In the visually lush French film Amelie, a short sequence shows things Amelie likes. The very first: “plunging her hand into sacks of grain.” Mmmm. I love the filmmaker’s intimate eye through which we see how simple pleasures matter to an individual and tell us who she is.

Like Amelie, I cultivate small pleasures. When baking bread I plunge my clean dry hand into the flour container well past my wrist. Ahhhh. After a tiny swoon I matter-of-fact-ly measure the flour into a yeasty liquid mix and work the mass into springy dough. More sensual goodness ensues. For my bread recipe, click here.

Touch and smell, our two most primal senses, don’t get as much fan mail as hearing and sight. A paper cut or a drive past a feed lot summon new respect for these senses. Happily, today we’re all about cultivating respect for the delights of touch — the language that always tells the truth.

Wearing silk. A kiss on the nape of the neck. Placing your cheek against cool tile. Walking barefoot in the grass. A hug. Scratching an itch. Showering at the end of a day in the garden. Climbing between line-dried sheets.

So much that is ordinary becomes extraordinary — when you notice and attend.

Attend your sense of touch today. What tactile experiences delight you? Soothe you? Make you goose-bumpy even in the heat?

How do you notice and celebrate the skin you’re in? Comment below. Thank you!

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