consider impossibility #2

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Impossibility #2 ~ Stay the same. 

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The more things change the more they stay the same. A truism that works. But not always. And this is a VERY good thing.

To be alive is to grow, and to grow means change. 

Ken and I celebrated our anniversary last month. We asked ourselves, Why are we still happily married?  Sorry, no big secret here…but lots of great answers.

I think one of the most important secrets is that we have embraced and celebrated all the ways we’ve each changed over the past 28 (count ’em!) years. We delight in the present and trust the unfolding, the growing, the changing that is ahead.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones to realize that loving someone for who s/he is right now and s/he will become makes for a long & happy union.

Beyond partners, expect everything, yes — every single thing, that matters to change.

Impossibility #2 ~ Staying the Same

Softening into this truth rather than resisting it is a fabulous Positive Practice for transitioning well, by the way!

The list grows! Do you have a simple impossibility you’d like to add? See impossibility #1 HERE. Comment below and I’ll create a pin-able pic (with you credited) to post here or on my FB page.


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