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woven heartValentine’s Day is coming at us. Cue pink hearts and floating Cupid.

If you’re the kid with just two cards in your collection: one from the teacher and one from the teacher’s aid, or if you’re a singleton by chance or by choice, the hearts look shabby and Cupid should be turned in for indecent exposure.

Knowing that not everyone is happily matched on any given day of the year, a day devoted to romance calls for new perspective. I like to define the day in broad, inclusive terms. I write about choosing February as loving-kindness month here. And Barbara wrote about loving your best ally here.

Define the day as you will, it comes with relentless overtones of romance and meant-to-be-couple-dom. (Don’t get me wrong. I love love! but let’s not leave anyone out.)

Within the enduring warm & fuzzy be mine definition, my friend Rik Swartzwelder offers something with fresh, clear-cut distinction. In a movie that he’s been working on since we met over 15 years ago, Rik — the writer, director, and lead — presents his old fashioned view of romance and chivalry. How long has it been since you heard that word?

Old Fashioned, Rik’s warm, vibrant indie movie with its original screenplay & sound track and distinctive message opens this weekend opposite its polar opposite, the slick and sultry Fifty Shades of Grey.

Rik’s choice of nation-wide theatrical release date is a bold challenge to big box office fare and a culture-jamming gift for those who want choices beyond shades of grey.

Ken and I saw Rik and Old Fashioned at a film festival last year. It was wonderful and a little painful to see our friend’s heart & beliefs so publicly exposed. It was also a wee bit distracting to see Rik, in the theatre with us, also on the huge screen in front of us. But we’re so glad we were there!

If you love film and a well-told story and want to do a little culture jamming of your own, go see Old Fashioned this weekend.

Check here for theatres near you.

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