Fund a little travel Freedom

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In the wee hours of Monday August 15th, I board a plane for the first flight of my journey to Istanbul, Turkey.  In anticipation of my adventure I swing between “OMG!” and “How lucky am I.”

Along with the exotic destination, other perks include having most expenses paid (in exchange for tracking a dozen slippery college students); and eventually being joined by my true love, Ken.  While we’re there we’ll celebrate our 25th anniversary.  I never dreamed.

Thinking of all the possibilities to explore, opportunities to take interesting art classes, and go shopping, I’ve decided to part with my darling Four-Drawer Geographic.  Just think, for $450 you add this clever piece to your collection AND fund travel freedom!  Woo-hoo! a definite win-win.

29 inches tall, 30 inches wide and 16 inches deep

If you want this nifty mini-dresser for your very own, contact me:  If you live in Riverside, California, the cost includes personal delivery.  Latest possible date for payment and personal delivery: Sunday August 14th.  If shipping is required, we’ll talk.

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