Back to School

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This summer was FULL. My family traveled to Jordan, visited family here in California, made a few home improvements, prepared to send a child to college (!), visited the mountains and the beach. But soon college classes resume for me with my first swing at teaching Introduction to Acting and a reprise of the College Writing sequence for Freshmen.

My return to work feels inauspicious. Thanks to a crew of workers, my bookshelves were dismantled to make way for a new heating/cooling system. All my books and mementos – framed diploma, glass apple, comedy/tragedy masks – cover my desk, a work table, and shelves behind someone else’s desk. This arrangement leaves me a bit overwhelmed; not only do I need to prepare my head, syllabi, and class schedules, I must figure out how to arrange my work space. Again.

Calling this a second chance is one way to look at it. But sometime I am not convinced by my own spin. Sleeping in, taking long walks, watching art films have left me unenthusiastic about showing up for anything on time. And soon I’ll be expecting punctuality from myself as well as all my students.

So I reinvent myself. I have three weeks to shed my summer skin formed by leisure and suit myself up to and become Professor Waring-Crane. The prompt, organized, office-hour keeping instructor. I can do this. It’s been done before. And I’ll do my best to like it.

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