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I’m Rebecca Waring-Crane. Redemptive artist, writer, and perpetual student. My work dances at the intersection of curiosity, kindness, and change.

In 2003 I began transforming experienced furniture into colorful art.

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As I worked with paint, brilliant color, and design the process gradually changed me. Creativity moved me toward greater appreciation of my own vision and my own voice.

Artistic exploration, work with a gifted counselor, and mentors in print compelled me to transition from surviving to thriving; from self-criticism to self-kindness. I stepped back from soul-sucking work, stopped buying into the opinions that paralyzed me, and formed healthy boundaries.

In 2013 I began looking beyond paint, color, and design to examine the ways experienced people move through transitions with grace and intention. The question, “What do you do when life changes?” captured me. I asked women to tell me their transition stories. My writing shifted from promoting art shows to exploring & sharing the art of transitioning well.

With honesty and humor I explore the process of transition and share positive practices that make navigating change as intentional and integrated as possible. The practices are drawn from my own life and the generously shared stories of others.

tracy burchettRebecca’s [writing] has helped me experience my transitional periods with less judgment of myself. She talks about her own and others’ experiences in real ways, including both difficulties and triumphs. This made me realize that my experience, while my own, is not unusual. Transition is difficult. Triumphs come. We are all in this together. I am not alone. This has helped me be easier on myself and not surprisingly, transitions are easier if you are not kicking yourself! ~ Tracy Burchett, librarian, freelance writer, ordained officiant


I was thrilled to learn of Rebecca’s blog. Her ideas of Transition resonate with me due to my work as a psychologist. I love that Rebecca is honoring herself through her work exploring transitions, but more importantly that she is using her own curiosity to connect others with what matters within themselves! Her transition is allowing others to shine a light on theirs. ~ Traci Lowenthal, creativeinsightscounseling.com

I use this site as a portfolio for transition ideas and projects. I riff on my passion for a creativity and reinvention, story and color, transition and transformation. I love improv theatre and sometimes this love of the unscripted, like an emotional free fall, takes me to the edge as I air the surprises and occasional woes that weave through my own life.

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My currents project include:

  • Transitioning.me. Where my friend Barbara James and I share the Positive Practices that make for healthy transitions.

Be Brave! Never lie to yourself.Our book The Small Guide to Life’s Big Changes is in the final editing stages. Whew! Huge thanks to our editor and designer. What delight to produce nourishing content and serve it up with delicious design! Here’s a peak at some of the goodness.

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  • The Body Catalog Project